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The Session is the ruling body of the local Presbyterian church.  The members of the Session are called ‘Elders’ and a church may elect any number they want.  EPC of Elkton has eight elders who serve a four-year term in classes of two.

The Presbytery is a regional area that may take in one or more states.  We belong to the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic.  It is all the churches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia.  Presbyteries meet 3 times a year at different churches, and Elder representatives are elected in Session meetings to attend.  Meetings last two days.

General Assembly is all the Evangelical Presbyterian churches (over 190+) in the US.  Elders to attend are elected in the churches and go to the General Assembly meeting once a year. 

The Pastor is a Teaching Elder, who also serves as the Moderator of the Session.  The other Session members are Ruling Elders.  This office is not an indication of ‘importance’ but is a call to service, to ministry, to special discipleship, showing evidence of the fruit of the spirit.


Class of 2017
  • George Gilmer
  • Neil Lam
Class of 2018
  • Jimmy Murray
  • Larry Dickerson
Clerk of Session
  • Neil Lam

Class of 2019

  • Charlie Queen
  • Dan Talbot

Class of 2020

  • Ikey Rosazza
  • Keith Long

Rev. Adam L. Snow, Pastor

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